Our Core Issues

For Our Future Virginia is a collection of activists, community leaders, students, working families and progressive organizations working to advance a progressive agenda in Virginia.

Racial Justice
Working to ensure that everyone’s civil rights are protected
Affordable Health Care
Supporting policies that expand access to affordable health care and protects our most vulnerable citizens.
A Healthy Environment
Adequately addressing climate change and protecting clean air and water for future generations
Economic Fairness and Prosperity
Providing good jobs with competitive wages in order to support working families

What Makes Us Different

Elections + IssuesBy pursuing issue advocacy campaigns between elections, FOF engages Virginians continuously – not just at election time – to build lasting progressive power.

Local + National: FOF works directly with local organizations who have a deep knowledge of the most pressing issues and are trusted messengers in their communities.

Field + Digital: FOF is about communicating with people – both at the doors and digitally – to reach communities where they are. 

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