For Our Future Virginia Statement on 53rd Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid

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July 30, 2018

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For Our Future Virginia Statement on 53rd Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid

RICHMOND, VA — In celebration of the fifty-third anniversary of the creation of Medicare and Medicaid, Antwaun Griffin, Executive Director of For Our Future Virginia released the following statement:
“For over five decades, Medicare has provided our seniors with access to health care no matter their income or condition and Medicaid has taken care of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens including people with disabilities and underprivileged children. This year’s anniversary is especially joyful with the recent expansion Medicaid in Virginia that will help keep even more Virginians out of poverty while giving them a chance at living a healthy life. And For Our Future Virginia is so proud to have been engaged in that life-changing effort. Thanks to the wave of recently elected progressive lawmakers in Richmond who are more interested in serving the public than wealthy special interests, hundreds of thousands of Virginians who’ve been living one health emergency away from bankruptcy now have options.”

In the months leading up to expansion of Medicaid in Virginia, FOF-VA was active in the effort, knocking on over 2,100 doors in key communities as part of its ongoing engagement program, resulting in over 1,600 grassroots phone calls to legislators, as well as over 100 pro-expansion letters from constituents delivered to state senators in swing districts”

“But you won’t see President Trump or Republicans in Congress breaking out the birthday cake today. They don’t want to draw any more attention to their budget plans that call for hacking and slashing up to $2 trillion from Medicare, Medicaid, and other health programs. Republicans like Barbara Comstock and Dave Brat recently passed massive Trump tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations, and now they want to pay for the $2 trillion in new debt they created on the backs of seniors, children and people with disabilities. That’s why FOF-VA will continue to be out in force in key communities, talking directly with Virginians about which candidates will rubber-stamp Trump’s plan to decimate Medicaid and Medicare, and which will protect these cherished programs for generations to come.”

Earlier this month, FOF-VA’s team of 20 field organizers across the Commonwealth reached a milestone – knocking over one hundred thousand doors across Virginia.


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