FOF Ready to Launch With Strong GOTV Program for 2019

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May 9, 2019

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Lauren Zehyoue

FOF Ready to Launch With Strong GOTV Program for 2019 

RICHMOND, Virginia– For Our Future Virginia (FOF-VA) is excited to announce that they will be launching a multi-faceted program to help Democrats flip the General Assembly. This year we will continue our past organizing efforts in the Richmond and Hampton Roads areas with a unique focus on the communities that are being impacted by the court-ordered redistricting of previously gerrymandered districts. FOF-VA Organizing Director Melissa Gallahan said, “This year is important because the newly drawn House and Senate maps make certain districts competitive that have not been in the past. We will have full-time organizers in these communities ready to talk to voters about the issues that matter to them, ensuring that these voters are prepared and mobilized to vote in November.”  

Since its initial program launch in September 2017, FOF-VA has knocked on over half a million doors and talked with more than 30,000 voters about the issues that are important to them and the importance of participating in every election.  Through this work, we’ve contributed to historic Democratic pickups statewide, in the General Assembly, and U.S. Congress; firmly establishing FOF-VA as an integral part of Virginia’s permanent progressive infrastructure.  

“This past General Assembly session, the Republican led legislature voted down increases to minimum wage, expanded rights for unionized workers, ratifying the equal rights amendment and so many other important issues that matter to Virginians. We will remind voters of this until November and that the only way to address what impacts their communities is to elect a Democratic majority this fall,” said For Our Future Virginia Communications Director Lauren Zehyoue.  


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