This is our story.

For Our Future-Virginia is a collection of activists, community leaders, students, families and progressive organizations working to advance a progressive agenda in Virginia.  We are on the ground in every part of the Commonwealth, working to connect local, state, and federal issues to electoral power.  Our mission is to strengthen public education, bolster economic security for working families, ensure racial and social justice for everyone, and make sure our children have a clean and safe environment for decades to come.  

Our organizing model involves keeping organizers on the ground throughout the year in order to build lasting relationships and to assist in the development of the permanent progressive infrastructure required to win statewide and legislative races in Virginia – a state which has consequential elections every year.   

We launched our field organizing program in 2017, contributing to the Democratic sweep of statewide and statehouse elections that year.  In 2018, we worked to support Medicaid expansion, ensuring that 400,000 Virginians gained access to affordable health care.

We will continue this work with our local partners so that Virginians can hold their elected officials accountable and strive to make the Commonwealth a place where government and workplace policies reflect our values.

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